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TEACH Volume 12, Issue 2

TEACH Journal of Christian Education

Concern for the overall wellbeing of our children and adolescents is growing. In his editorial, Graeme Perry introduces Wellbeing Notes, a new feature of each issue. Additional articles in Volume 12, Issue 2 (2018) of TEACH Journal of Adventist Education include:

Mexican hipster man working with computer indoor at desk at homeWatch Out for ‘Jack’, He’s a Real Challenge by Bianca Maggs and Marion Shields
“Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) is a cluster of conditions that are the result of prenatal exposure to alcohol. Children with FASD may have noticeable facial features as well as intellectual, social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. Providing a loving, structured and supervised learning environment has significant positive impacts on the development of a child with FASD. A teacher can assist a student with special needs in reaching their full potential, through establishing an effective individualized learning plan and building strong relationships with the child and guardian.”

In What Story Are We Living? by Geoff Beech
Referencing the debate over Australia’s ANZAC Day, the author reflects on how stories and history affect us. He concludes that “if we have a genuine allegiance to the Lord of the universe, then we have a story to tell of living in His grand Story, as well as a series of small stories of Him living alongside us.”

Wellbeing Notebook: New Idea or Old Wisdom? by Beverly Christian
As the author’s students observed the wellbeing of primary students and then extrapolated the common elements from their notes, “a holistic education that fosters opportunities for service emerged as a common theme. [They] discovered that what is sometimes presented as a new educational idea may in fact be old wisdom, and something for Christian educators to acknowledge and embrace, as they heal, soothe and restore young lives as Jesus did.”

A Health Check of Avondale’s Distance Education Program: Where Have We Been? Where Are We Going Next? by Jason Hinze, Maria Northcote, Peter Kilgour, Beverly Christian and David Bolton
This study provides “insight into the extent to which the distance education program at [Avondale] College provides a space in which learning relationships can develop in online communities. Also, suggestions for future improvement and further research recommendations are provided. Findings of this study may be of interest to educators and administrators who incorporate online components in their curricula.”

Are Christian Schools Really Christian? Perceptions of Final Year Pre-service Teachers in Australia by Beverly Christian and Peter Beamish
“Final year pre-service teachers at a private provider of Christian higher education were surveyed to discover their perceptions of the special character of a wide spectrum of Australian Christian faith-based schools. . . . The results indicated that a special Christian character was visible to the preservice teachers, with evidence that Christian worldview alignments in the areas of school culture, relationships, service and discipleship in Christian schools is easier to identify than in the learning and teaching aspects of schools’ operations.”

Relationships Effecting College Students’ Perception of Family Influence Impacting their Health and Lifestyle by Kayla Nicholas, Kayla Soptich, Amy Tyson, Graeme Perry, Samuel Abraham and Deborah Gillum
“Investigating the extent of family influence on college students’ perception of health and lifestyle was the focus of this research. Students felt their family influenced their idea of health and for most this was a positive influence with fulfilling health practice outcomes.”

Mindset, Perseverance, and Learning by Alysia Ryan and Peter Beamish
In addition to finding a positive correlation between self-control and grit, this study “found that growth mindset, self-control and grit can all play a part in helping students to achieve academically in primary schools.”

Flexible Learning Environments by Alyssa Weslake
Read how a teacher restructured her classroom to allow her students the physical, social, and academic benefits of increased movement throughout the day.

The Word Made Flesh by Janice Tuuina
The author of this piece uses metaphors within poetry to describe our need for God.

Becoming Collaborators: First Conference Brings Tertiary Teacher Educators Together by Brenton Stacey
Learn how “teacher educators at Seventh-day Adventist tertiary institutions across the South Pacific will seek to collaborate on development and research after attending an inaugural conference.”


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