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Bridging Gaps with Alumni

Alumni relationships in a university are the backbone to the sustainability of any given vision. According to Margaux, a well-known educational administrator and writer, alumni relations are essential to the success of your institution, whether recruiting students, promoting training, boosting employment, encouraging donations, and/or adding to your resource pool. Neglected or irresponsible relations with the university challenges the degree equity—feeling responsible and accountable to Identify, Inform, Interest, Involve, and Invest with the alma mater. However, social capital exercised from the university bridges the gap.

In many cases, a gap is created either on the alumni’s side or from the university in the alumni relationship. While various studies may be done in this area to improve the situation, the proposed solution may end up being challenged due to the disorganization and heavy bureaucracy that occurs when it comes to implementing the recommendations. The alumni relationship through social capital in a university could affect the enhancement of the institutional attachment, and thus, power up strategies in a higher education institution. Eventually, one finds that the contributions of the alumni to the institution in terms of growth and development—as well as those going towards the alumni for their degree equity—are correlational.

Communication is the key factor in bridging the relationship between the alumni and the university. Studies show that alumni of any institution are willing to contribute their best to every facet of the institutional life; however, the ambiguous channels of communication and the bureaucracy stunts the relationship and the mind of giving. Further, the alumni do emphasize on the lack of ample communication.

Alumni of an institution should be given social equity—each person has inalienable rights towards their own alma mater. Every institution should create a personal alumni society, where each member can have access to the number of opportunities and resources that they need or contribute specifically to the fulfillment of the vision of the alma mater. This sense of responsibility and accountability is built among the alumni. Communication plays the right role in getting it bridged between the university and the alumni.

Communication also gets the alumni connected, engaged, and committed. A well-defined note with Christ-filled intentions gets all alumni connected within the Christian institution. Further, when the vision is well explained with a very possible way of getting it accomplished, the alumni become more fully engaged. Finally, when the heart of every alumni is touched with a resounding love for their alma mater, they will stay committed. Let’s cross more bridges and stay connected within our educational institutions.

How can we seek to cultivate stronger relationships with our alumni members?

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